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In this section we will discuss how to manage change as a key part of being an agile & adaptive leader. Leaders can have a powerful effect on how employees react to the “threat” of change, either positively or negatively. Unless organizational leaders understand the underlying psychological effects of change, they will be ill-equipped to guide others, or their organizations, through that change. Once leaders understand why people find change so threatening, they can begin to accept and manage it more effectively, for themselves and for others.

At the same time, market volatility, floods, financial downturns, angry customers and shareholders, pandemics, wars, unstable supply chains, political turmoil, just to name a few aspects of our forever changing Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, bring about tremendous complexity and the daunting task on leaders to manage and navigate their teams and companies into calm waters. In today’s fast paced & uncertain environment, leaders experience information overload, and are bombarded with messages with limited time. How can they make sense of it all, prioritize, and take decisions that will benefit their organizations best and bring desirable results? The answer lies in strategic and critical thinking.


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