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This section is designed around the most important self-quality of a leader: self-awareness. Effective leaders use self-awareness to manage their own behavior and relationships. We will learn how to do so through the Johari Window Frame Assessment and Evaluation. The Johari Window Self-Awareness Assessment will help participants to understand the differences between the image we have about ourselves and how others see us. The way we imagine ourselves to be is seldom how others see us and our actions and words are not always taken as they are intended.

Becoming an effective leader and communicator, requires deeper self-awareness, self-disclosure, trust and understanding, elements that minimize the blind window and breed connections and success. Building the relationships in which each person helps the others to grow involves working to enlarge the open area and to decrease the blind, hidden and unknown areas. One of the most important ways in which this can happen is by giving and receiving feedback. This reveals new aspects of ourselves and enables us to operate in a more straightforward manner. The Johari Window enables the participants to understand, work on and improve these areas and as a result become better, more empathetic leaders.

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