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AMVPLUS ACADEMY is part of the AMVPLUS ADVISORY family, and it has a single-minded purpose: to be a catalyst for self-awareness and positive change.  


Made with passion and determination, AMVPLUS ACADEMY brings to the forefront more than 33 years of management experience across the world and is committed to add value and be meaningful. 


Now more than ever, in an ever-changing world, we need guidance to transform, develop higher standards of leadership, and create a higher purpose that will guide us to a better tomorrow, with courage and a strong belief in the possible.


Leadership, Transformation & Purpose constitute the AMV+ vision, coming to life via Immersive Coaching and Transformational Leadership Learning Journeys. 


There are 4 key learning pillars in the AMVPLUS ACADEMY, namely:


Galvanizing agile, adaptive & authentic leaders with high self-awareness, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and power skills.


Dynamic communication skills to successfully embrace and resolve conflict, while engaging & positively influencing all stakeholders.


Building cohesive, high-performance teams on a foundation of trust and collaborative teamwork.



Embracing, managing & communicating change, while crafting a winning vision, mission, and culture with purpose.


At AMV+ we pledge to give our absolute best, to nurture and develop your talent, enrich your organization and add value.  We will do so with care, passion, expertise, knowledge, diligence, and love.  Just as we do for our own growth and success.


Andreas M. Vogiatzakis

Leadership Learning Coach

Founder & Executive Director





BA Honors Degree (High Honors 4.0) in Advertising, University of Florida

Certified Trainer (HRDF), Krissai Management Consultancy

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Life Spheres, ANLP

Certified Professional Coach, Corporate Coach Academy

Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation

Accredited Coach CEO Chair, Vistage

Senior Advisor, Malaysia, Yefira

Executive Advisor, Malaysia, The Scale Factory

Adjunct Professor UNITAR International University

Facilitator/Trainer, Melbourne Business School


Andreas is a transformational Leadership Coach and a Master NLP Practitioner with a single-minded purpose:

 to be a catalyst for positive change and self-awareness.


His learning journeys, coaching, keynotes & masterclasses are born out of his hands-on experience, living and working in diverse countries across the world, from Greece to USA, Japan to Taiwan and Malaysia, managing and building local as well as multinational companies, adopting and adapting to different cultures, welcoming all the challenges.


Living and working in Asia since 1997, he has successfully navigated the companies he managed throughout two recessions, a global monetary crisis & two pandemics. In his career, Andreas has been a game changer, a TEDx speaker, an author, a multiple award-winning marketing maverick, a certified NLP Master Practitioner, and in the Top 100 Inspirational LinkedIn Icons.


Andreas has built, restructured, and managed several media agencies for Publicis, Omnicom, WPP and Havas, leading them to flagship positions in their respective markets.  He was the first non-Malaysian Group CEO of Star Media Group. 


A High Honors Advertising graduate, Andreas has served in numerous industry associations, industry committees and boards, university advisory boards, multiple local, regional & global awards juries, and as an Adjunct Professor at INTI International University and UNITAR University.  With his leadership and guidance, he has transformed many businesses, MNCs, SMEs, start-ups, and many executives to define their purpose and achieve exponential growth & success. 


In August 2020, with years of practice in training, speaking, and coaching and with rich multi-cultural experiences living and working across the world, Andreas launched AMVPLUS ADVISORY.  Made with passion and determination, AMV+ brings to the forefront his robust management knowledge in critical & strategic areas such as:

People Development & Business Growth

Agile Leadership & Purpose Creation

Dynamic Communication Skills

High Performance Teams

Managing Change

Emotional Intelligence

Strategic & Critical Thinking

Vision/Mission & Culture Creation

Organizational Transformation & Structure

New Business Acquisition & Client Retention


Launched amidst the worst pandemic in recent history, AMV+ is committed to add value and be meaningful to all its partners.  Now more than ever, we need guidance to transform, develop higher standards of leadership, and create a higher purpose that will guide us to a better tomorrow, with courage and a strong belief in the possible.


Leadership, Transformation & Purpose constitute the company’s vision, coming to life via Transformational Coaching & Experiential Learning Journeys, with a higher purpose for AMV+ to be a catalyst for positive change.  AMV+ pledges to give its absolute best to nurture and develop people, enrich organizations, and add value.  It does so with care, passion, expertise, knowledge, determination, diligence, and love, just as it does for its own growth and success. 


In 2021, Andreas published his book, Courage at the Crossroads, a book filled with stories of successes, failures, determining values and life-changing decisions, all meeting at the crossroads.  A book that teaches leadership in ways that textbooks don’t. 

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