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Andreas is observant, firm, honest, straight to the point, yet he has the ability to make each encounter pleasant and enjoyable.


The training and coaching journey with him exceeded what I have expected, and it has been impactful and life-changing.


Andreas is truly gifted. He is able to draw out my hidden strengths and sparks the zeal for betterment.


I highly recommend his training & coaching programs!




Asia Online Publishing Group

First, Andreas brings a wealth of real-world experience to his mentoring.  Next, he took a lot of time to understand the people he is mentoring and what the executives were hoping to achieve from his sessions.   Beyond all of this is his passion to help.


It is clear that he is driven to help and guide those he trains and mentors.  The real mark of his value to us as a business was his ability to gain enough trust from our management team to have them open up and identify real pain points that had previously gone undiscussed. 


I fully recommend Andreas to anyone considering a corporate mentor for themselves or their teams.

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TMC Life Sciences Bhd

Andreas is a wonderful trainer. I highly recommend him for his Preparation, Dynamism and Pragmatism.


We equipped our senior management team with the right tools to communicate effectively to different stakeholders, especially in managing upwards.  In his training, fully prepared, he allowed time for critical conversations for real-world issues we face, while tying it back to the principles he was teaching. This dynamism and ability to go with the flow ensured that the training was personalized to the situations we faced at work. He was also pragmatic in emphasizing the need to practice the skills learnt. There was in-depth one-to one feedback and coaching to participants.

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Content Creator, Emcee,

Moderator, Author, Speaker

Andreas is a marketing maven and has been an integral part of the ecosystem in the advertising industry, in Malaysia and beyond.  


He has the ability to understand the business world with deep insights in his writing and speaking over the years.  


To me personally, it is Andrea's flair to CONNECT and empathize on a personal level with individuals as well as teams no matter the hierarchy.  


He is able to provide a bigger picture and yet be detailed in providing the right directions & strategies for organizations and individuals alike. 




Customer Segments

AV is a structured coach, emphasizing self discovery and reflection.  His coaching is powerful as it makes you realize your blind spot and will help you find ways to fix it.


The coaching journey with him has been fruitful and has many surprise findings throughout the journey. His coaching is on point and his feedback is valuable. Very grateful to have him as my professional coach.


The journey has been rewarding as well as impactful for both my career and my personal growth. Forever indebted to him for making me a better person and learn how to trust again. 



Senior VP,

Operations, Malaysia

Andreas has guided me to go through my toughest time during the pandemic.


I was going through constant change at work, restructuring & organization right scaling, and Andreas supported me emotionally, mentally and he made sure that I am on the right frame of mind to make the best decisions for me and my teams. 


I would like to thank him for an amazing journey and experience through which I have learnt so much from him.   He is someone that you can express yourself fully with 101% trust.  I cannot thank him enough.




Operations Singapore & APAC

Andreas, you've taught us things that would have taken us years to learn in a short period of time.


Thank you for your coaching and guidance and for allowing us to benefit from your vast knowledge. Your generosity and wise remarks will live on in our hearts forever.


Personally, I was feeling stale/low with my job until your mentoring program re-ignited the passion and excitement I had earlier in my career. Thank you for rekindling my passion.

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Thank you Andreas for your enthusiasm, support and knowledge that you shared with us. It was a pleasure to be a part of the fantastic day. 


I would like to reiterate that it was evident that you took a lot of care to customise your approach and materials to our particular needs and that is really appreciated.  


It was a pleasure to hear about your personal journey and interesting to see how you linked that to your messaging and presentation.  I look forward to staying in touch!

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Andreas was a tremendous help to our organization in helping us frame our vision, mission and purpose and create a framework to help us rally our management teams around the vision.


I would highly recommend Andreas for any fast growing company that is looking to make that transition from scrappy startup to a well oiled organization. "

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