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Facing the media, from TV to online & radio interviews, and into having presence and conviction talking to and interacting with any medium, is a daunting task. This Media Spokesperson training program will give your spokesperson/s the tools to successfully deliver their message to millions of people, with empathy, conviction, and presence.

Every individual is unique, therefore personalized coaching and media training with tailored solutions to suit individual communication styles, the message, and the media at hand, is invaluable.

With this consideration, this program is designed to specifically cover the critical aspects of understanding and facing the media, communicate with presence and conviction, deliver messages that are powerful in content, form and style, in front of any audience.

Participants will master charisma, pronunciation, intonation, body language, picking up cues from the media, maintaining control and focus, diplomacy, political correctness and cultural sensitivities specific to the media event.

They will practice and improve their communication skills, learn the key techniques and adopt the style tools which will give them the persuasive edge when they are making a presentation, fielding difficult questions, or presenting complex information in front of different audiences & stakeholders, especially the media.

They will also learn how to quickly organize their thoughts and ideas to speak under pressure and be able to convey their points meaningfully to their audience, aiming to influence the audience’s attitude or behavior (all critical communication skills of effective leaders).

Conducted in a group or individual setting, the workshop will give participants a grounding in what the media wants, how to satisfy media enquiries, identify what is newsworthy and how to maximize public relations opportunities. Importantly, participants will also learn the danger zones of straying from defined spokesperson boundaries. Through role play, interview practice and feedback, participants will be introduced to effective media control skills and build interview confidence by assessing strengths and areas for improvement.

This media training program will prepare the company spokesperson/s for a face-off with even the most hostile reporters and give them the confidence to succeed no matter what the circumstances are.

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