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Leading people, especially during challenging times, requires courageous conversations and conflict resolution. These are discussions are often difficult and uncomfortable. There are often emotions running high on both sides of the conversation and they can be awkward, stressful, and challenging situations. Managing upwards, downwards, and sideways is not always easy, especially when conflict arises, internally and externally. Moreover, there are two major myths about conflict: that it always involves anger and that it's always negative. Conflict can be, in fact, a positive tool for growth if you know how to manage it properly.

In this module, we will discuss these circumstances, understand conflict, learn to identify the stages of it, unveil techniques to manage them, and understand how we can turn difficult scenarios into opportunities for us and our organization. Participants will learn the LECSR resolution tool, as well as other ways, and they will develop the necessary personal skills to resolve conflict.


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