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A critical trait of a successful leader is that of being a coach for his/her team. Having a great vision and leadership skills is not always enough. To succeed, businesses need leaders who bring new perspectives, new thinking, and new ideas in the forefront. Leaders who have the skills, knowledge, and attitude to manage their teams through an uncertain and ever-changing world; leaders who are powerful coaches, able to inspire and guide, invent new possibilities, shape the future, and drive their teams and organizations higher, onwards & upwards.

Therefore, team leaders must be first and foremost great coaches. Empowered with all the necessary coaching skills, they can drive their teams, and their organization, to unparalleled success. Being a coach involves being a role model, sometimes a counselor or a supporter, and always a guide. Knowing how and when to coach is an essential skill that can benefit both the team leaders and the organization.

This course will give the participants the chance to learn and practice the key coaching tools and disciplines, help them cultivate a successful coaching style, enable them to build high performing teams through coaching, and as a result, empower them to advance their organizations further into success.


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