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This course is designed for participants to create and accomplish their personal best, lead others, and get extraordinary things done. Participants will work on developing their skills, knowledge and attitude on the three key levels of leadership: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organization. They will identify their leadership style, assess their leadership competencies, identify the additional skills and tools they need to develop their strengths, develop their ability to influence and communicate with others, become a better problem-solver and decision-maker, discover how they can prepare for and embrace the forces of change, and create a strategy to actively use these skills back in the workplace. They will become leaders who can successfully do the following:

  • Adapt: Think out of the box to continuously improve efficiency, see change as an opportunity and grow your mindset to embrace more complexity.

  • Inspire and Motivate: Create purpose for themselves and their team and alignment on common goals and design the right empowerment model to help each team member to maximize their contribution.

  • Influence and Collaborate: Build and maintain trust and initiate and effectively manage difficult conversations.


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